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Welcome to spring!

We start this month's newsletter with a reminder that market volatility is a normal and necessary part of investing.  We follow this up with a discussion about what happens to your investments if you pass away without a Will.

For our small business clients who have claimed JobKeeper, we highlight the importance of having your records up-to-date as the ATO begins its audits.

Do you have money set aside to cover urgent or unexpected costs? Discover simple tips for putting aside money in an emergency fund.  We finish off with some things you can do to ensure you get the sleep your body needs.

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Darryl Jopling

Coping with market volatility

Recent volatility in investment markets can be frightening when you're saving for retirement, but one of the key lessons from history is that volatility is a normal and necessary part of investing.

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Estate planning and wealth

Ensuring you have an up-to-date and valid will is a central tenet of good financial planning, so it's a little surprising that almost half of Australians don't have one.

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Getting ‘review-ready’ for an ATO JobKeeper audit

As the ATO begins knocking on the doors of SMEs and sole traders with queries about their JobKeeper eligibility, quality record keeping is proving to be critical when asked to substantiate a claim.

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Save for an emergency fund

An emergency fund is money you set aside to cover urgent or unexpected costs. This could be car repairs, unexpected travel or an urgent medical bill.

It provides a financial safety net so you don't have to borrow money if something happens to you or your family.

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When Sleep is Elusive: Getting Quality Rest

We've all been there at some point — eyes wide open, trying not to look at the clock for confirmation that yes, despite trying every imaginable strategy it is 3:00 am and there are hours yet before the sun is due to rise. The consequences of this lack of sleep add to the already compounding worry as we think of what another day of work feeling less than refreshed is going to be like. 

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